Traci Fisher

Traci Fisher

Wellness & Wellbeing for Healthy Leaders and Healthcare Heroes with Traci Fisher


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Traci Fisher is a former US Army helicopter pilot, graduate of the United States Military Academy, consultant, motivational speaker, author, executive wellness coach, mother of three, business owner and believer in you! Traci has been working with leaders for over 20 years in the health and fitness industry.  Traci’s company, The Wellness Coach helps leaders align their full potential in the areas of mental, emotional and physical health energy and performance.

She is the creator of Live Active, a total body workout series, co-author of Lean Body Smart Life and just an online program and is working on her next book, The Healthy Leader.  She created a specific model and methodology designed to help leaders be the best version of themselves through self-coaching and achieve their optimal wellness and wellbeing, aka Wellbeingness ®.

Traci believes that…

True long term, holistic health and personal joy is an ongoing process.

Your personal blueprint is based in both the science of your body and the power of your mind.

You are the expert of you.

Living & creating your optimal wellness is not complicated and does not take more time

Learning how to use your mind to your advantage is the key tool to personal excellence in experience and performance.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have.

Traci is super passionate about helping people reframe and up level for performance, but more so to experience an absolutely amazing life!

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