Melody Campbell

Melody Campbell

Mini Mindfulness Practices to Calm the Mind with Melody Campbell


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Melody was born in Paris, France, and came to the USA through a tennis scholarship.

After spending over a decade in the corporate world culminating raises and titles, becoming the youngest managing director at 27 for a large international corporation, at 34 Melody experienced a tremendous burnout.

Knowing she had to take massive action, make a shift in her life priorities and reinvent herself, Melody decided to follow her passion for yoga and meditation, and founded Mindful Mob. Mindful Mob’s mission is to overcome mental and physical burnout by sharing simple Breathing + Stretching + Meditation + Yoga techniques designed for the corporate environment.

Melody’s personal vision is to bring wellness and wellbeing into the corporate world, in order to create a world where work makes you HEALTHIER, not SICKER

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