Emily Killeen

Emily Killeen

Yoga can be a healing practice for your body and mind


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Emily Killeen is sobriety coach, spiritual yoga teacher and transformational retreat facilitator! She believes that connection, community and accountability along with SOME sort of spirituality and health and wellness are essential for sobriety success! Yoga and wellness have been a huge part of her recovery and she’s found so much freedom, abundance and joy in sobriety and is on a mission to help others discover their own path to recovery to experience the gifts of living an amazing sober life! Emily created Recovery Revival which is a 3 Month Sobriety Group Coaching Journey for women and also hosts a FREE Sober Girls Book Club on Tuesday nights which is open to the public and held on zoom of course!

She also owns Ananda Retreat which is a wedding venue and soon to be retreat facility with her husband on their 20 acre ranch property in Northern Arizona!

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