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Dr. Heather Carrera

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Functional Nutritionist at Lesley James, MD.

Nutritious Foods for Mental, Emotional, and Physical Well-being with Dr. Heather Carrera


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A Functional Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist, Heather Carrera, DCN, MS, CNS is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, and a graduate of Maryland University of Integrative Health. She earned a Certified Nutrition Specialist designation (CNS) through the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists, and completed her Master’s Degree of Science in Human Nutrition through the University of Bridgeport.  It was through her own health struggles that she began her academic interest in nutrition; using food as medicine to heal her own body fueled her passion to help others. She is dedicated to using research-based evidence to find natural alternatives to the health challenges faced by her clients. Her doctoral research was focused on the microbiome and autoimmune disorders, two areas of personal relevance and interest.  

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